martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011

1st day at Sankara Hospital

Today we went to Sankara Hospital!
Dr, Ramani shared with us his 2020 Vision "Vision 2020 objective;i.e of providing 20/20 vision for all by the year 2020.Our network of 8 hospitals,having 1850 beds,reaching across 7 states and 2 UT's,aims to treat one million visually impaired people yearly,2020 onwards"

It is impressive to how this institution provides free eye surgery and service for those without means and finances this 80% of their operations with 20% paying patients. And also they are extremely efficient in how they run their operations.. they have centralised departments for the many hospitals they have opened.

Bharath, who is the head of community outreach & information systems showed us the complex. It is so impressive. The yogurt and milk used in the hospital to feed patients comes from their own cows; the food to feed them is also homegrown! We had the opportunity to try it in our chai and yogurt at lunch time, really worth while!...

We also met Mr. C.V. Shivatsan, CEO of Coimbatore Hospital, who shared with us in detail his expectations from our work here this month. We now have a clearer idea of what we need to deliver and already started meeting the ICs (In Charge) of the departments. 

We thought that it would be a good idea to share a picture of our office in Sankar
Alex, Bharath & Sverre
Sverre, Mercedes y Alex

More pictures from today

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  1. Hi Mercedes,
    I see you're getting the most out of time, not just the tasks assigned to you there, but also you have power (and time) to go this blog giving us not only with words but with images (as it is said "worth a thousand words each"). And last but not least ... I also see that you do not stop to see your Notes.
    You are a crack!.
    Follow telling us everything for we can share with you, at least for a few minutes a day, how you live that experience.
    A kiss.

  2. Hi Mercedes

    You look great and the project seems really interesting.

    Hope you have a very fulfilling experience!

    PS Everything is fine our end.